Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Potty Mouth

Sooooo, if you've ready any of my posts you know that we are "trying" to start potty training our 2-year old, Maddox.  He gets it that mommy and daddy use the potty, but it hasn't quite translated yet that he should use it, too.  I'm not even really sure Madd knows that the potty is exclusively for human waste.
Not to worry though, my husband has that explanation covered.

Me:  Maddox, please don't put your trucks in the potty.  The potty is for poo poo and pee pee only.

Davey:  Logs and streams, buddy.  Logs and streams.

I thank God every day that my husband is so wise.

Now that we have that covered, Davey and I still need to convince Maddox to actually use the potty.  We're really going to have to convince him that using the potty is to his benefit.  And no, he doesn't give a damn to walk around with poop and pee in his diaper, so that argument isn't going to work.  I mean of course we'll reward him like crazy when he actually does start to use the potty.  Hell, I'll throw him a party, but I mean, eventually we'll have to stop doing that.  We can't empty our retirement fund just so we can say he's potty trained.

I decide that maybe I'll leave this part to daddy.  Davey can talk to him about how cool it is to be a big boy and all the wonderfulness that comes with going to the potty.  And you know, Davey can actually show him how it works.  I lack appropriate equipment.

The other day, I go downstairs to take a shower.  I leave Madd and Davey upstairs playing.  When I come back Davey says Maddox has something to tell me.  'Tis as follows:

Davey:  Maddox, tell mommy where you're going to start pooping.

Maddox:  Potty!

Davey:  And tell mommy why you're going to start pooping in the potty.

Maddox:  (Silence)

Davey:  Because we're sick of you smelling like the zoo.

There's your reason folks.  From my family, to yours.

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